All Available Addons

Deluxe Exclusive These will only work in Deluxe

Rotator Script

Adds full rotator with PTP options to your website.

Rotator Contest

Add a contest to your new rotator - most valid hits wins.

Activity Bonus

Participation is a must if the member wants to see what prize he might win.

Refback Script

Offer your members an additional earning method with refback opportunities.


Let members tell the world how much they like your program.

Ref Builder Splash

Allow your members to advertise multiple websites at once.

Instant Ad Approval

Entice advertisers to upgrade with instant ad approval for premium members.

Deluxe Compatible

Daily Login Bonus

Keep members coming back by giving them a bonus just for logging in.

Ad Credit Overview

Where did all the credits go? Find them with ease.

Balance Manager

Add and detract from balances instantly.

Ad Duplicator

Instantly duplicate selected ads. I know, but we coded it.

Cashout Controller

Maximize your payout options.

Cashout Notifier

Receive an email every time a member requests payout.

PTP Contest

Valid PTP hits decide the winner.

Aurora GPT Addons Unnecessary in Deluxe scripted websites

Admin Count

Seek and destroy any extra admin accounts by checking your count.

Better Bot Link

A bot link with custom options.

Cashout Denier

Block individuals cashout.

Login Records

Find cheaters and multiple accounts.

Referring Site

Find out where that member came from.

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