Balance Manager Addon

The idea behind this addon is to allow owners an easy way to credit their entire site with bonuses and/or detract balances from suspended member accounts without the need for editing each individually.

How It Works

  1. Pick the member group - all, standard, upgraded or suspended
  2. Pick the balance type - cash, points, credits, or tickets
  3. Enter the amount - it will keep you from destroying your database with something other than numbers being entered as well as keep you from crediting an amount lower than accepted by the aurora database.
  4. Choose if you are crediting balances or detracting from balances
  5. Click "Go" and confirm your action - as long as there are no typos in your amount you will see a success message (confirm)
  6. Success message will be returned upon completion
  7. The member group, amount and type will all record in site logs, along with the username that pressed the button in case of multiple admin

About Addon

Coded on Aurora Coderz but will work on any AuroraGPT script including encrypted versions.

Sold as installed only for 1 domain.

Product Images

Balance Manager - Step 1
Balance Manager - Step 2
Balance Manager - Step 3
Balance Manager - Step 3b
Balance Manager - Step 4
Balance Manager - Step 5
Balance Manager - Step 6
Balance Manager - Step 7

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