ClixGrid Addon

Allow your members to test their luck while also providing your website with another income source using the Clix Grid addon.

Main Features

  1. Settings
    1. Define grid name displayed to visitor
    2. Define timer length for standard and upgraded members separately
    3. Daily prize limit defines total cash the site will give away daily
    4. Maintenance mode options
    5. Number of chances allowed daily set for standard and upgraded separately
    6. Chance of winning set for standard and upgraded separately
  2. Ad overview page built in
  3. Independent purchase page allows you to define price per defined number of days
  4. Members will see daily / lifetime stats

About Addon

$20 per site

Sold as installed only for 1 domain. Addon is not compatible with the GEM or MRV brands.

Product Images

Clix Grid Settings
Clix Grid
Clix Grid
Clix Grid

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