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AuroraCoderz V3.X Demo
Username: admin
Password: admin

Aurora Coderz Deluxe Server Requirements:
  1. PHP 8.1
  2. Mysql 5.6 Or later version
  3. Ioncube Loader v12
  4. Cron Jobs
  5. SQL strict mode disabled

Script Features

  • Payment Processors

    PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Paxum, AdvCash, Payeer, Vexa, Bank Transfers/Wire, CryptoCurrencies (Bitcoin\Altcoins) are all currently supported.

  • 11 Default Ad Types

    Paid to click (PTC), ClixGrid, paid to read (PTR), paid signups, popups (PTP), paid email, click exchange ( With ability to credit earnings to main balance/purchase balance/Crypto balance ), banners, featured banners, featured ads, and featured links.

  • Sign Up Bonuses

    Give your new members a taste of premium by setting a free membership bonus at signup or simply entice them with cash, purchase balance or ad credits.

  • Referrer Options & Bonuses

    Give cash, purchase balance or point rewards directly for referring new members. Ability to set the number of direct referrals allowed according to membership level. Referral recycling available for purchased and admin assigned referrals. Members have the ability to cancel pending recycle requests. Tool to find referrals with inaccurate referral usernames to make available for purchase or recycling. Tool to count entire memberbases direct referrals so counts stay accurate.

  • Full Crypto Currencies Integration

    Including standard withdraw options and support for BTC/ETH/BCH/LTC/DOGE coins.

  • 16 Offerwalls

    Currently supported offerwalls include PTC Wall, ClixWall, Minute Staff, AdscendMedia, Wannads, OfferToro,, Kiwiwall, OfferDaddy, Ad Click Wall, Offers4all, Adworkmedia, CPAGrip and Mediumpath. Admin options allow you to credit users instantly, or place earnings in pending balance or points with strong postback security and full records.

  • Cashout Control

    Define maximum amounts and maximum number of cashouts via membership level. Require certain activity levels to cashout. Enable / disable a members ability to cashout directly via the edit user page or turn off multiple accounts at once using the member manager page. You may also define whether or not a user may have more than one pending request.

  • 5 Contests

    Fully automated daily, weekly, or monthly contests. Run a single contest or all five contest types at once. Built in contests include a referral contest, ticket contest, click contest, purchase contest, and offerwall contest.

  • 5 Captcha Options

    Choose from the built in route code or AC Captcha, or one of the 3 third party captchas included. Google ReCaptcha is one of the best captchas available for your site protection. Alternatively earn from your members logging in by utilizing the Solvemedia or CoinHive options. Captchas are integrated in the join, login, and cheat check pages.

  • Activity Bonus

    Allow your members to earn an extra bonus daily for fulfilling admin defined requirements on site. Prizes are assigned at random once per day, define how many prizes are available for each prize type, how many may be claimed per day and set exclusive prizes for upgraded members.

  • Guessing Game

    Classic number guess game, you define the high number so that members may use their account balance or purchase balance to take a guess at the winning number. This game is completely fair, the winning number changes each guess so admin cannot define the number and members cannot discuss their guesses to better their odds of winning. Admin may optionally create a progressive jackpot by adding a percent of every play to the main jackpot and also define whether winnings go to a members account balance or purchase balance.

  • Insite Messaging

    Send messages to members site inbox with optional email notifications. Includes messaging and message log purge options for database upkeep.

  • News

    Full WYSIWYG editor eases the job of managing your news publication with separate publish and last edit dates being recorded.

  • Credit Limitations

    Allow advertisers to define a maximum number of credits to be used on either a daily or hourly basis. If the ad reaches that number for the time frame it automatically stops running until the next day or hour.

  • Click Image Management

    Built in selector which allows you to maintain multiple sets of click images on your website, change images instantly, as well as control the base colors of the surf bar directly from admin.

  • Privacy Policy

    Easily create and edit your privacy policy with a WYSIWYG text editor, a must have with the new regulations coming out of Europe.

  • Login Records

    Finding proxy users and other types of cheaters is a breeze with this function. Includes user browser data and exact time of each login recorded. Full purge options available.

  • Inactive Members

    Delete, suspend or reset inactive accounts with ease.

  • Click to Earn

    Require members to click a certain number of ads to earn from their referrals. Minimum click amount set by membership level. Ability to set to clicks daily or every x number of days.

  • Page View Tracking

    Easily see what pages are being frequented by members. Tracks daily, monthly and lifetime views when enabled.

  • Mass Crediting

    Instantly adds credits to all running ads via username or ad type. Also includes function to extend all upgrades and/or timed ads by a set amount of days en masse.

  • Cheat Checks

    Use custom trivia or built in captchas. Option to reduce member balance with each fail with amount lost recorded. Delete, warn, turn off cashout, clear balance or clean the fails in failed cheat check log page.

  • Create A Page

    Easily create and manage pages directly in admin. Define who can see the pages (members, upgraded members, visitors) and even add PHP code if need be.

  • Database Maintenance

    Clean up your user tables, prune excess footprints, and optimize your database at the push of a button with our built in maintenance page.

  • Track Footprints

    Footprints allow you to track members movements while they are logged in to the site. This can be expecially helpful in finding accounts using automated tools as well as provide a general idea of the areas of highest interest to members.

  • Top Referral Domains

    See where members are promoting your site by tracking top domains. Block or approve domains directly from the page.

  • FAQ Manager

    Cut down on support tickets by setting up FAQs for members regarding your program.

  • Country Targeting

    Select the countries you want members to be able to select as targeted countries and save... that's it, country targeting is now enabled to your specifications.

  • Converter

    Enable the built in site converter to allow members to instantly turn their point and cash to ad credits with no required action from you.

  • Memberships Based Ads

    This will allow you to target certain memberships with ads as well to make it more profitable for members, This way you can guarantee upgraded members specific ads per membership.

  • Admin Faucet List

    This feature allows admins to setup a faucet list on their sites which includes paying sites, their referral links and a lot more.

  • PTP Contest

    The PTP contest will allow admins to run promoting contests on their sites, With options to set startup valid ptp hits counts and to exclude certain users from the contest.

  • Rotator With Contest

    The rotator allows you to sell rotating ads separate from ptp, This can attract more buyers and provide your site with more ads options.

  • 4 Default Templates

    Four default templates offer easy management of colors and images directly in the admin panel.

  • Detailed Statistics

    Detailed counts of all balances and traffic available. Easy to add google analytics.

  • Login Bonus

    Keep members logging in by giving them a bonus each day. Each membership level has it's own bonus so you can also use this tool to help sell upgrades in your website. Choose cash, purchase balance, ad credits or a mix of them all to reward members with. Email notification of the prize received is optional for both admin (turn on/off site wide) or for the user in their notification settings.

  • Surf Rewards

    Entice your members to surf in your click exchange by offering a variety of random rewards with ease. Define how many prizes are available for each prize type, how many may be claimed per day and set exclusive prizes for upgraded members. Prize claim images are managed directly in the admin panel.

  • Built In Forum

    The built in forum features paid per post options with settings for free member earnings and upgraded member earnings. It also includes bbcodes, smilies and moderator options.

  • Advanced PTP Options

    Define PTP amounts by membership level, option to allow only approved domains to credit for earnings, define unique views according to the referral name attached. PTP tiers are define by you with ease, choose a country from a drop down and define it's tier (1-4), after that the country will only credit the percent of earnings you define.

  • Cron Management

    Enable daily cron reports to be emailed directly to the admin email address with each daily cron run. The cron job report includes daily stats and pending admin actions (pending cashouts, ads requiring approval etc.). Information necessary for cron set up and details of cron executions are available directly in the admin panel.

  • BOGO

    Encourage purchases with the buy one get X free feature.

  • About Us

    Easily create and edit your about us page with a WYSIWYG text editor, a must have for optimal SEO.

  • Point Store

    Create custom products and allow members to purchase them using points or account funds. Email notifications and purchase log built in.

  • Warn First

    Rather not suspend a user? Use the warnings system to give them every chance you can. Inlcudes ability to archive a warning in the users account so as to keep record of it.

  • Terms Manager

    Easy to create, edit and order terms. WYSIWYG text editor and icon options included.

  • Login Redirect

    Define what site page members are taken to upon logging in from a full list of site pages or a blank option in case of custom created pages.

  • Testimonials

    Allow members to add testimonials including their gravatar email, payment proof URL or website URL at your discretion. Don't want to wait for members to submit their testimony? Create testimonials directly from admin if need be.

  • Branding

    Easily add banners for promoting your website. The referral builder splash page can be enabled / disabled. Coding and images for both a dynamic stats banner as well as an I have earned banner are also included.

  • Member Country Lists

    Both the member side and the admin panel will show a list of member countries making it easy for advertisers to see where they can expect traffic from.

  • Hall of Shame

    Page features a list of banned members, the last detected country for their account and the reason for suspension. The table is now sortable and limited to 25 accounts per page for ease of use.

  • Poll Manager

    The poll manager makes it a simple task to receive members opinions as needed. Simply create a poll and it will show up in the members menu.

  • Database Backup

    Create backups of your database directly in admin, no need to understand your hosting panel.

  • Lottery

    Built in lottery allows you to sell 100 tickets via account funds before 4 tickets are picked as winners. Full winners log as well as profit manager on admin side, admin cannot control who wins.

  • Maintenance Mode

    Need some downtime? It happens. Whatever your reason we've made it easy to enable maintenance mode and manage it from your admin panel.

  • Bad Ad Reports

    Members have the ability to report bad ads to you and give their reason for reporting the ad. Optional email notification for admin of reports made.

  • Code Rotator

    Instantly add third party network codes to your 468x60 banner ad slots by placing them in the code rotator. This provides the added benefit of tracking views for you.

  • X-Stage Rewards

    X-stage rewards give your members the prizes you define when surfing in the click exchange. Prizes can be set by daily or total clicks in the exchange.

  • Block Hack Attempts

    Block IP addresses attempting to hack your website instantly with this setting enabled, you may also choose to be notified of hack attempts.

  • Link Tracker

    The link tracker allows you to create an unlimited amount of links to track where your ads are most effective in gaining new signups.

  • Mass Purge

    Use the mass purge feature to clean out all outdate and expired ads with the click of a button.