Deluxe BTC Optimized

With the recent changes in the PTC / GPT industry major processors are making it increasingly difficult for PTC owners to run steady sites. Whether owners face account limitations or fraudulent charges we have decided an alternative must be available for our clients to assist in the longevity of their programs.

Bitcoin appears the best payment option for PTC sites overall due to its wide adoption by those turned off by major processors. This version covers all features found in our usual scripts while also being fully optimized to run on Bitcoin, by updating payment settings, payout options, etc. for Satoshi.

BTC Optimized Features Include

  1. Full optimization to accept BTC including setting prices, earnings and payouts in Bitcoin.
  2. Live USD to BTC conversion in admin panel displaying to the owner the latest prices for BTC exchange rates to USD.
  3. Offerwall earnings set to a separate USD cash balance which users will be able to convert to BTC in live exchange according to current market rates.
  4. Ability to accept payments via 3 Bitcoin processors including,, and

As well as all features of Aurora Coderz Deluxe v2


Live demo of the script can be checked here :

admin admin
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