Promoter v1


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Username: admin
Password: admin

Aurora Coderz Promoter Server Requirements:
  1. PHP 5.6 (Preferred 7.2)
  2. Mysql 5.6 Or later version
  3. Ioncube Loader v9 (Preferred 10)
  4. Cron Jobs
  5. SQL strict mode disabled

Script Features

  • 6 Default Ad Types

    Customers can choose from site listings, banners, square banners, leaderboard banners, featured ads, and featured links.

  • Social Branding Option

    Include your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn links as well as your name/username and gravatar email.

  • 4 Captcha Options

    Choose from the built in route code or AC Captcha, or one of the third party captchas included. Google ReCaptcha is one of the best captchas available for your site protection. Alternatively earn from your members logging in by utilizing the Solvemedia option. Captchas are integrated in the join and login pages.

  • Top Domains

    See where traffic is coming from by tracking top domains.

  • Credit Limitations

    Allow advertisers to define a maximum number of credits to be used on either a daily or hourly basis. If the ad reaches that number for the time frame it automatically stops running until the next day or hour.

  • News

    Full WYSIWYG editor eases the job of managing your news publication with separate publish and last edit dates being recorded.

  • Privacy Policy

    Easily create and edit your privacy policy with a WYSIWYG text editor, a must have with the new regulations coming out of Europe.

  • Create A Page

    Easily create and manage pages directly in admin. Define who can see the pages (members, upgraded members, visitors) and even add PHP code if need be.

  • Database Maintenance

    Clean up your user tables and optimize your database at the push of a button with our built in maintenance page.

  • FAQ Manager

    Cut down on support tickets by setting up FAQs for members regarding your program.

  • Admin Faucet List

    This feature allows admins to setup a faucet list on their sites which includes paying sites, their referral links and a lot more.

  • Personal Site List

    Helps you remember where you are a member and when you last opened the site.

  • Code Rotator

    Instantly add third party network codes to any of your banner ad slots by placing them in the code rotator. This provides the added benefit of tracking views for you.

  • 2 Default Templates

    Two default templates offer easy management of colors and images.

  • Link Tracker

    The link tracker allows you to create an unlimited amount of links to track where your ads are most effective.

  • BOGO

    Encourage purchases with the buy one get X free feature.

  • About Us

    Easily create and edit your about us page with a WYSIWYG text editor, a must have for optimal SEO.

  • Terms Manager

    Easy to create, edit and order terms directly in admin. WYSIWYG text editor and icon options included.

  • Database Backup

    Create backups of your database directly in admin, no need to understand your hosting panel.

  • Block Hack Attempts

    Block IP addresses attempting to hack your website instantly with this setting enabled, you may also choose to be notified of hack attempts.

  • Ad Purge

    Use the mass purge feature to clean out all outdated and expired ads with the click of a button.