Revenue Shares Addon

This script creates an entirely new product in your website, it does not reuse the popup ad product as other addons. The rotator page is shown outside of your main template to allow for full page ads. Optional PTP is fully integrated. Secondary ad blocker included so you can keep other rotators out of your rotator while still allowing them to be advertised in your other ad zones.

Main Features

  1. New product class
  2. Secondary PTP amount for standard members and in memberships
  3. Define whether or not members may access and control ads
  4. Approval page included
  5. Secondary ad blocker exclusive to the rotator
  6. Popup can be shown on the rotator page
  7. Ability to block user from earning from rotator page
  8. Fully track where individual member's visits are originating from
  9. Rotator PTP will not pay if there is no referring URL detected
  10. Adds Rotator Contest. Allow up to five winners, set any credit type, points, tickets, cash, or purchase balance as prizes. Winners are recorded in the same fashion as the original contests. Optional contest reset. Ability to ban a member from participating in the contest.
  11. Rotator credits included in all contests as prizes
  12. Rotator credits included in surf rewards
  13. Rotator credits included in sign up bonus
  14. Rotator credits included in referrer bonus
  15. Rotator credits included in mass crediting
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